Hunger is real.
Food saves lives.
Knowledge is power.
Education breeds independence.
Hope gives life meaning.
Caring is our mission.

Makindu Children's Program 2024 Calendars

Support a child's journey toward a brighter future with Makindu Children’s Program. With your generous donation of just $25, you become an integral part of a compassionate endeavor that transcends miles and touches lives directly. Your contribution provides more than just sustenance and education—it weaves hope into the fabric of each day for the children at Makindu Children’s Centre. As a token of gratitude and a reminder of the difference you're making, you'll receive a photo calendar.

This calendar is not just a collection of dates; it is adorned with the smiling faces of the children whose lives are being transformed because of your support. It's a picturesque chronicle of growth and joy, serving as a daily reminder of the impact your generosity has in the rural stretches of eastern Kenya.

In the heart of Makindu, where the red soil bears witness to the struggles and laughter of hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children, your support is a lifeline. The Makindu Children's Program doesn't just feed or educate; it nurtures dreams and cultivates a sense of belonging and achievement within a community fostered by love and care. Each dollar you give stretches into countless opportunities for these children—meals, medical checkups, school fees, job training, and vital life lessons in nutrition and sustainable agriculture. Imagine a world where every child is empowered to break the cycle of poverty and contribute positively to their community.

By joining hands with Makindu, you're helping to build that world—one child, one day, one dream at a time.

Simply click on the link below, write your mailing address in the comment text box, and we'll ship your calendar right away. Thank you!

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