Shelter & Support

Before the inception of the Program and the building of the Center, numerous children lived on their own, roaming the streets and finding shelter in abandoned chicken houses, wrecked cars, or makeshift sheds. The Program ensures all children live in vetted homes in their community, guaranteeing that the entire family unit has access to the fundamental essentials of care and support. Although the homes are simple and traditional in nature, they provide the children with the indispensable elements of sustenance, care, protection, and security.

Many children in the Program have already experienced the devastating loss of their original homes and parents. While a traditional orphanage could always offer them the basic necessities of life, it could never truly replace the benefits of being part of a family. In order to address this, the children reside in households within their community, allowing them to once again become part of a family—both their immediate home family and the larger community family. This concept of family and belonging is deeply rooted in Kenyan tradition. Everyone, from the children to their elderly guardians and the wider community, derives strength from this bond and connection.

By embracing the communal approach, the children, their guardians, and the entire community benefit significantly from these relationships. By fostering a sense of belonging and unity, the Center helps to create an environment in which every member of the community is supported, nurtured, and empowered, ultimately promoting the overall well-being and resilience of both the children and their families.