Karen Benson

so far!

Karen is a multi-faceted health professional. A certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Healing Touch Practitioner with a focus on nutrition and wellness, she volunteers at Hospice and Transylvania Regional Hospital. In addition, she is a Certified Ageless Grace Educator working with seniors & the physically challenged to strengthen their mental clarity and neuroplasticity abilities. Further, she is also a Surgical Coaching Practitioner through the Beyond Surgery Program. Karen is dedicated to the concepts of multi-level holistic healing and has made this her life’s path.

When asked why she wants to go to Kenya, she responded “I feel in my heart we’re on this earth to help other beings, and I do a lot of volunteer work now here in the United States and abroad. I saw this in my heart, just melted, therefore, I wanted to participate. Anyway I could!”