Sue Miles

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Sue Miles, who hails from Buckingham, Virginia, is a retired high school counselor, a former VISTA Volunteer (adult literacy) and a former Peace Corps Volunteer  (Jamaica 1979-1983).  While in Jamaica, Sue worked as a Community Developer in the parish of Portland and then as a Program Coordinator for the Jamaica Federation of Women in Kingston.  She was selected Peace Corps Volunteer of the Year/Jamaica in 1982.

Since retirement, Miles spends many months in Long Bay, Portland (the village where she first served), where she continues to be involved in community service programs, with a focus on the area youth.  She is a Director of Chesscot United Youth Services, Ltd., in Portland, and also works with a local Community Association.  

“I have always wanted to travel to Africa,” said Miles.  “The Makindu Childrens’ Program is the perfect way to satisfy that wanderlust while supporting a very worthy cause. I’m thrilled to do the Proper Walk in hopes that people will support the children. Thank you in advance for donating and being part of this very important program.