All children enrolled with Makindu Children’s Centre have access to education from preschool through high school or vocational school.

The public school system within Kenya is government run, and is mired in obstacles, lack of resources, bureaucracy and corruption. Primary schools are very basic, with many children sitting on bare ground secondary to lack of money for desks, or even concrete flooring. Most of these schools are in poor condition, with leaky roofs, cracked and weakened walls, and insufficient (or no) educational materials and textbooks. Secondary schools are similarly challenged by severe financial restraints, as well as the lack of qualified teachers. However, given the opportunity, children have a remarkable capacity to learn, and education remains essential for them to have the potential to alter their current reality. It provides them with inspiration and hope, a more global perspective of life and people beyond their tiny, isolated village, and with the potential for dreams of the future. In essence, it represents a great gift.

All MCC children are sponsored throughout the completion of either secondary school or a vocational training course, and the costs are quite inexpensive by American terms.