Walter Slawski

has raised $3,000
so far!

I was blessed to meet Michael Farley in 2005. Michael was looking for a venue to host a party to celebrate the National Geographic’s coverage of his Proper Walk fundraisers benefitting the Makindu Children's Program. At the time, my South African inspired restaurant was the perfect fit and through this and subsequent fundraising efforts I came to learn about Michael’s amazing adventures as well as MCP. I was enamored by how impactful the grass roots efforts of MCP were for both the children and the greater community of Makindu. A as a child I was fortunate enough to spend some years in my mother’s native Zimbabwe and fell in love with both the continent and the people of Africa. In 2016 was finally able to join Michael on one of his adventures for a cause and get back to AFRICA! The 2024 Proper Walk will mark my fourth trip in support of MCP. Thank you for your support of these incredible kids.