Elaine Sutton

so far!

My name is Elaine Sutton and I live in Richmond, VA.  I have thought about doing the Proper Walk & Safari since my friend Jean Corrigan did it in 2016 and she spoke of the life-changing nature of this trip.  I told her then that if she ever did it again, I’d like to join her.  So, we’re embarking on this adventure together in 2024 along with a few other Richmond friends.  

I can’t wait to experience the African landscape and wildlife while making my way to meet the amazing kids at the Makindu Children’s Program for whom I am raising desperately needed funds.  The Program feeds, educates and cares for about 550 orphaned and vulnerable children of all ages in Eastern Kenya.  I expect that this trip will be life-changing for me, but it is the positive impact that I and my fellow Proper Walk travelers hope to make in the lives of the children that will mean the most. I hope you will consider making a donation to my Makindu Children’s Program page to help ensure that these children will continue to grow and thrive.