p4273178Medical care for the children is a fundamental concern and remains a vital component of Makindu Children’s Centre (MCC) services. Children enrolled with MCC receive regular checkups in both physical and mental health care. Children living with HIV receive supplemental vitamins and anti-retroviral medications. For all children, access to healthcare is vital to their well being.

Upon entry into MCC, most of the children are malnourished and/or anemic, and often suffer from a host of bacterial and parasitic infections endemic to the region. Common maladies include malaria, meningitis, typhoid and multiple intestinal parasites derived from both food and waterborne sources.

MCC provides treatment for any acute illnesses, for ongoing and chronic health concerns, as well as emphasizing health maintenance and prevention. Examples of some of the chronic conditions of the children treated in the past include diabetes, cognitive/learning disabilities, blindness, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, cleft palate, amputees, HIV, tuberculosis and other immunosuppressive illnesses, a congenital heart defect, crippling deformities, and malnutrition.

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