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Makindu Children’s Program is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Eugene, Oregon that supports a day resource facility called Makindu Children’s Centre (MCC) in a rural region of eastern Kenya.  The Centre provides for the nutritional and medical needs of over 1,800 destitute AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children, as well as access to primary education through high school, psychosocial support, advocacy, and vocational training. The children live in guardian homes in the community, and come to the Centre daily for food, recreation, bathing and laundering facilities, emotional support, and crisis intervention.

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  • Each Proper Walk route is unique, but 1 thing is always the same - the vistas the Walkers experience are always stunningly beautiful. #properwalk
  • A unique thing on each Walk is the chance to interact with pastoralists and to exchange cultural information - some exchanges go better than others.... #properwalk #pokot #makindu
  • The Walkers begin their adventure, each flies to Kenya this week.  They will first experience Nairobi and it's congested byways before driving south to Makindu.  There they will see first hand what the donations they have received provides.  Too many things to record here - suffice to say the money provides hope for these vulnerable children so each may have a future. #properwalk #makinduchildrensprogram  #dpennellbrooks
  • After each days  Walk, the camels are free to roam and graze.  A favorite treat are acacia leaves, eating around the thorns that can flatten a tire.  #properwalk
  • Heat is another of equatorial Africa's realities the Walkers must deal with.  If it gets too hot, night hikes make it more tolerable.  Walks are planned around full moons helping with nocturnal activity.  Marcia Moore and Tim Cahill lead the way in this 2012 night hike. #properwalk #makinduchildrensprogram #dpennellbrooks
  • MCP helped 66 aids orphans in 1998.  Today, in large part due to the funds raised by the Proper Walk, over 1,800 children receive help.  Your donation makes a huge impact.  Go to www.makindu.org to donate.  #properwalk #makinduchildrensprogram #dpennellbrooks
  • The Walkers have a wonderful welcome waiting them from the Guardians, the children, and staff at the centre.  #properwalk #makinduchildrensprogram
  • Each Walker pays their own way, raises $10,000, and creates awareness about AIDS orphans in Africa.  Bill Bonwell, on the right went on 2 Walks.  #properwalk #makinduchildrensprogram #dpennellbrooks

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A Proper Walk in the Kenyan Bush (Tim Cahill/National Geographic)

Makindu Children’s Program Fundraiser: Walk through the Great Rift Valley (The Oregonian)

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