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Makindu Children’s Program is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Eugene, Oregon that supports a day resource facility called Makindu Children’s Centre (MCC) in a rural region of eastern Kenya.  The Centre provides for the nutritional and medical needs of hundreds of destitute AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children, as well as access to primary education through high school, psychosocial support, advocacy, and vocational training. The children live in guardian homes in the community, and come to the Centre daily for food, recreation, bathing and laundering facilities, emotional support, and crisis intervention.

mcc map 2014

This beautiful map drawn by longtime Makindu supporter and friend, Pat Walker, shows the area that Makindu Children’s Centre serves. Makindu Children’s Program, based in Eugene, Oregon, has been funding the main Centre in Makindu town since 1998. In 2011, Makindu Children’s Centre received funds from another grantor to expand its reach to the outlying rural areas surrounding Makindu town. Since then the number of orphaned and vulnerable children receiving services at the Centre has grown from 370 to over 1,800 today, though the numbers change year to year depending on need and funding sources. The numbers on the map indicate how many children are currently served at each site. Poverty is deeply entrenched in this region, as it is in much of rural Kenya, and many many children are malnourished and unhealthy, living in dire conditions. Thanks to generous donors like you, and other grantors worldwide, Makindu Children’s Centre continues to feed, educate and care for these most vulnerable children in the Makindu area, giving them HOPE for the future.

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