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Makindu Children’s Sponsorship Program

DPP_228.cd copyOur sponsorship program offers a closer relationship with one or more children in the program. For a monthly donation, sponsors may choose a child from a variety of options including age, gender, single child, sibling group or vocational student. Not all children have sponsors and some children have multiple sponsors. To make sure all children receive services, sponsorship dollars are pooled and used for all the children served at the center. In this way, all the children are cared for while each sponsor gets to learn about one child (or more) and how he or she is progressing.

Sponsors receive communication about the child/children a few times a year. Sometimes sponsors will receive drawings or letters from the child/children. Sponsorship most frequently involves monthly contributions set up as automatic withdrawals from credit or debit accounts. Check or money order payments can be made on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis.

Sponsorship programs have been proven to give a child self-esteem, optimism, aspirations, and higher expectations for education and employment. Email HelpTheKids[at]makindu(dot).org for more information about the program.

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Makindu Children’s Program
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Updated November 2016