Shelter, Care and Family Support

Prior to MCC, many of the children lived on their own and were often on the streets, forced to find shelter in abandoned chicken houses, wrecked cars, or makeshift sheds. MCC helps to ensure that all of the children live within homes in their community, and that the entire family unit has access to the basic essentials of care and support. The homes are very simple and traditional, yet provide the children with the essentials of substance, care, protection, and security.

Family Support

Many of the kids of MCC have already lost their original homes and parents. A traditional orphanage could always provide them with the basics, but still never supplant the benefits of a family. Instead, the children now live in households within their community, and have once again become part of a family… both their home family, as well as part of their larger community family. This concept of family and of belonging is integral within the Kenyan tradition; everyone derives strength from this bond and connection. The children, their elderly guardians, and the entire community benefit from this relationship.

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