Psychosocial help

makindu2013kidsThe psychosocial portion of our program is infused within every other program aspect offered by MCC, as it is an essential component throughout. These children have suffered much in their young lives: to give them love, and a sense of hope amidst incredibly challenging circumstances is vital to their development. Crisis intervention and emotional support is a constant need, especially in a life with the many unexpected obstacles a young child growing up in Africa will experience. There is so much in the lives of these kids that is transitory, vulnerable, and never guaranteed; to give them a sense of love and sustaining hope throughout this instability and the unknown is huge.

The younger children are mentored and supported by the older children in MCC… their ‘brothers and sisters’, who understand their struggles and fears, and can show them promise for a different future; they also have a supportive staff at the centre, including trained Kenyan social workers.

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