Community Development

community soccerMCC was initiated in 1998 as a grassroots community-based endeavor, in great part developed, supported, and maintained through the cooperative effort and donated services of local villagers, leaders, officials, and other area organizations.

We recognized that we could not assist the children in isolation to their community. Our goal is to enhance the wellbeing of all children and adults within the region, and to thereby diminish adverse outcomes for the children of the future.

Development via:

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Group facilitation and development
  • Survival skills
  • Vocational training seminars
  • Regional improvement projects (including establishment of an HIV/AIDS center, water reservoir providing potable water to 20,000 area villagers, annual school and hospital projects, etc.

Our firm belief is that while focusing on the community as a whole, this community will, in turn, become more enabled to assist themselves and others in the future.

Other Programs

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