Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor is employed at Advanced Management Strategies Group, Inc. (AMSG) in his third year as a summer business development intern focusing on proposal pricing. He recently completed his junior year at Bridgewater College (BC), a private Christian college. He attends the college on academic and music scholarships and is majoring in Business Administration.  Zach is and always has been a person focused on serving others in need. He is honored to be a participant in the Kenya trip helping the Makindu children.

He is not new to service projects. Growing up in Nokesville, VA, his church focused on service to the community. Zach participated in multiple community service projects to include work at the Serve Emergency Shelter and Habitat for Humanity,  as well as service workcamps out of state. He went to Idaho where helped build a church camp center, and he flew to Portland, OR, and worked in an inner city homeless center. With a serious famine hitting Kenya in 2022, caused by Conflict, COVID, Climate, and Cost, Zach is prepared to do whatever he can to provide assistance. Zach is ready for the “Proper Walk”, a blistering walk through the African Safari, ranging from 16-20 miles a day. He has great empathy for the problems Africa faces being ravaged by aids, genocidal wars, and gnawing poverty. Extremely grateful to AMSG’s CEO, Jim O’Farrell, for sponsoring this trip, Zach reiterates a quote that Jim often calls upon from the Travis Manion Foundation, “If Not Me, Than Who…”

Zach has raised $550 so far.

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