Tyler Richardson


My name is Tyler Richardson and I grew up in North Carolina on the shores of Lake Norman where my passion for the outdoors began. I graduated from the University of South Carolina as a Finance major and am pursuing a lifetime passion for climate change mitigation. Chairing the Board of Directors for the Catawba RiverKeeper Foundation, I advocated for equitable distribution of resources across people of all colors, income brackets, gender identities, and geographic regions. I feel fortunate to have in-depth exposure to the vast number of issues affecting our global environmental systems.  As the nephew of Proper Walk Founder Michael Farley, I grew up hearing stories about the beauty of the Kenyan landscape but more importantly the beauty and kindness of the Kenyan people. I am extremely excited to join both Uncle Mike and my best friend Adam, along with the rest of the amazing crew on the 2023 Proper Walk and Safari. Thank you for helping me raise money and awareness for the Makindu Children’s Program!

Tyler has raised $3,790 so far. 

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