Nicole Anderson Ellis

Hello friends! My name is Nicole. After years of envy, I’m thrilled to finally be joining the Proper Walk. The world is full of suffering that needs abatement, and it’s beautiful to find a way to make a difference while fulfilling a dream (putting my feet on our Mother continent).   Add to that the incredible people involved in this project (including my fellow trekkers) and I feel grateful indeed.

At home my work and service focus on education and sustainability. I teach critical thinking, ethical reasoning and argumentation at Virginia Commonwealth University. I’m on the board of my local Soil & Water Conservation District (if you’re a farmer you know what that is), as well as Cornerstone Community Farm (a school farm on the edge of a food desert in Richmond’s East End).

My goals in traveling so far and supporting the Makindu Children Center (when there are plenty in need closer to home) are to expand my sense of our global community. I am eager to bring home new songs, stories, and ideas to enrich our Commonwealth. I’m particularly excited to see (and hopefully join) the children of Makindu at work in their shamba (garden). Finally, I hope to write about these adventures, to expand their impact beyond our little pack.

Thank you to everyone for your support of this trip, and the Makindu Children’s Center.

Nicole has raised $2,296.50 so far! 

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