Jasmin Hester

I am Jasmin Hester, born Jasmin Ponkratz. I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin until I joined the Army as a Medic at 20 years old. I spent four years in the Army where I was stationed at Ft. Drum, New York and deployed for 15 months to Kirkuk, Iraq. After leaving the Army, I started a family and transitioned back to civilian life. I now have two daughters, one son, a cat, a turtle, a dog, and a hamster! You could say I have a little bit of a zoo in my household. I joined Advanced Management Strategies Group (AMSG) in 2020 as a Proposal Manager. I’ve since taken on a few additional roles, and I am incredibly blessed to be the International Philanthropy Program Manager leading AMSG’s participation in this fundraising adventure!

When I was deployed to Iraq, I saw a lot of devastation. I requested that my next assignment with the Army be one where I could deploy to Africa on a humanitarian mission. Unfortunately, the Army was not able to accommodate my request. Going to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me that I cannot believe is happening after so many years of yearning. I honestly thought it was going to live on my bucket list forever to never be accomplished.

I understand I cannot save the world, but I am incredibly fortunate that I get to participate in this Adventure for a Cause. Making even the smallest, but lasting, positive impact on someone in Makindu is my goal. I hope to raise funds that will impact so many lives via the Makindu Children’s Centre. Thank you in advance for donating, sharing, and thinking positive thoughts about this cause.

Jasmin has raised $620 so far! 

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