Jack Corrigan


This summer I am making a trip to Kenya to join in the ‘Proper Safari’, a journey with the purpose of raising money for the Makindu Children’s Center, whose mission is to give orphans an opportunity to have a safe, healthy childhood that includes educational and vocational opportunities. I am going on the trip because I believe in the mission of the MCC.

I am also going on the trip because my parents, David and Jean Corrigan, my brother, Conor Corrigan, and all-time great guy, Mike Farley, have shared so many amazing stories about the country and the people of Kenya, and I am very excited to experience everything Kenya has to offer for myself.

I hope that with this trip we will not only help the mission of the Makindu Children’s Center, but it will help me grow as a human being and expand my worldview.

The Makindu Children’s Center is a great cause that has given hundreds of children a chance to find success in their lives that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. I hope to raise at least $5,000 for the cause, and I will match every dollar donated on my behalf with a dollar of my own money.

US Dollars go a very long way in Kenya:

50 cents a day fees a child
$10 buys an exam at the health clinic for injury or ailment
$25 buys a mandatory school uniform (with shoes)
$50 feeds a family for a month
$65 buys a goat
$100 buys bedding, mosquito nets and solar lanterns for a 3-room household
$500 buys a year of vocational training or high school.

Jack has raised $5,250 so far.

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