Dennis Wininger

Dennis Wininger is joining his 7th Proper Walk & Safari and 8th visit to Makindu.  His first visit was way back in 1979, to see Michael Farley’s mud hut, just outside of Makindu.

A lot has happened since 1979, including the AIDS pandemic.  It left over a million orphans in Kenya.  The Proper Walk & Safari has been the sustaining fundraising vehicle to help thousands of orphans and other  vulnerable children in Makindu.  This year, the Walk will go over the $1,000,000 raised mark!

As a reminder, we pay our own expenses so every donated $ can do the most good at the Centre and the children it supports in Makindu.

Please help me help the children.

Thank you.

Dennis has raised $2,013 so far! 

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