David Corrigan


I am going because I believe in the mission of the Makindu Children’s Center to give orphans an opportunity to have a safe, healthy childhood that includes educational and vocational opportunities. This adventure for a cause will help MCC achieve its mission.

The Makindu Children’s Center is excellent at that work – with many success stories to tell at all levels of achievement from the very basic to Babu, who is now a practicing lawyer in Kenya after being a “street kid” with no prospects.

I am going because my friend Michael Farley has introduced me to a country and a people who are welcoming and uplifting even though they lack nearly all of the basic things that define our lives in the U.S. This will be my fourth trip to Kenya, and each time I learn from Kenya’s people how to have a life of happiness and satisfaction without all the unimportant materials possessions that define our lives.

I am also going, for the 4th time, because on my 3 previous trips, I was accompanied by my son Conor in 2007; by my brother Brian in 2010; and by my wife Jean in 2016. This time, I will be travelling with my son, Jack. Each previous trip deepened my relationships with my family members. To share an experience like the Proper Safari with Jack will surely do the same. I look forward to seeing Kenya through Jack’s eyes and showing him some of the many sights and sounds and people of this interesting country.

Finally, I am going on this safari to be with my friends, Michael Farley, David Brooks, Joshua Dowell, and all the other walkers whom I have either met or look forward to meeting. Being part of a band of merry people experiencing something so far outside of our normal environment has been significant in my development as a human.

In my previous trips, I have raised almost $30,000 to support the MCC. I hope to raise at least another $5,000 this time.

I will match every dollar donated on my behalf or on Jack’s behalf with a dollar of my own money.


US Dollars can go along way in Kenya:

50 cents a day feeds a child
$10 buys an exam at the health clinic for injury or ailment
$25 buys a mandatory school uniform (with shoes)
$50 feeds a family for a month
$65 buys a goat
$100 buys bedding, mosquito nets and solar lanterns for a 3-room household
$500 buys a year of vocational training or high school.


David has raised $5,250 so far.

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