Bryant Harrison

Bryant Harrison

If you are on this site then you know why I’m going to Africa and you know what I’ll be doing there, but you still don’t know who I am. I’ll try to sum up “me” in a few sentences. :)

I like to be outside, I like to build things and I like to make people smile. I am very extroverted and willing to talk to almost anyone I see. It seems that everyone has something to share and something to teach and this is one of the main reasons why most folks seem so very interesting to me. A favored, and comforting, concept to me is the butterfly effect. A single action will propagate through space and time in ways we can never predict. This is why kindness on a continuous basis is so very, very important. The story of how the Makindu Children’s Program got started is a beautiful example of this concept. A homeless man living in a tree begged for money so he could buy food for the orphans. Without this action, none of us would likely be going on a proper walk in Africa in 2020.

I could tell you about what I do for a living or where I went to school or how much I’ve failed in life (and sometimes succeeded!) or maybe what type of chickens I have in my chicken coop, but I think it’s more important for you to know what all that stuff has taught me. Experience has taught me not to try harder to be a more discerning judge but, instead, to simply accept the world and all that live in it as they are. I care about what happens to our world and I want to impact it positively before I leave it. Even if I can make it just a little, tiny bit better, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Peace to you.

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