Celebrating 20 Years

Read an interview with Makindu founder Winnie Barron

It’s been 20 years since Winnie Barron found herself in Makindu, surrounded by hundreds of street orphans, horrified at AIDS’ devastation of the community, and inspired by an unlikely trio of good Samaritans determined to feed the innocent child orphans of the AIDS pandemic in Makindu, Kenya.

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Some accomplishments in the past 20 years include:

1998 provided food 3 days a week to 71 children

2000 construction of Makindu Children’s Centre completed. Hundreds continue to visit the Centre daily to enjoy a hot nutritious meal, launder clothes, bathe, rest, play and seek emotional support.

2001 first orphan graduates from school. All tuition, fees, uniforms and related expenses are covered for children through completion of high school or vocational training.

2002 first of many Proper Walks raises thousands of dollars. To date, Proper Walks and Safaris have raised almost $1 million to support the Makindu children.

2003 Developed Makindu’s first HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and advocacy program, free to all Makindu residents and passersby along the Mombasa Highway. This program continues to reach thousands of people annually.

2004 Funded construction of a 250 cubic metre community water tank which provided access to clean and potable water to 20,000 Makindu residents and businesses, including Makindu Hospital. his This was a huge advancement and impact on cleanliness and health.

2008 Winnie Academy preschool initiated. Preschool kids come to the Centre daily for breakfast, instruction at Winnie Academy, lunch, rest and recreation.

2014 borehole drilled. The borehole provides plentiful water for handwashing, a key component of the children’s hygiene, and irrigation for the supplemental crops grown at the Centre.

2017 founder Winnie Barron awarded World of Children’s Humanitarian of the Year

2018 providing daily food, access to education and healthcare to 523 children