Proper Walk 2012  All the Proper Walkers have returned to the States safe and sound, although perhaps a bit more tired and with a few new aches and pains.  The Proper Walk means to walk many miles over many days with an uncertain outcome.  This Walk definitely met that definition.  […]


Come to BLACKBIRD WINE AND ATOMIC CHEESE Tuesday, Dec. 6th from 5:30 to 8:00, for an evening of music, wine and food in support of the Makindu Children’s Program.  Blackbird is located at 43rd and NE Fremont in Portland. An Oregon-based non-profit, MCP assists the community efforts in Makindu, Kenya […]

An Evening of Food & Wine

Bio Fuel at the Makindu Children’s Center A new bio fuel system is being built at the Makindu Children’s Center. A mixture of cow dung and urine (ammonia) is shoveled into a large, underground brick lined processor, where gases move into a holding tank.  The gases then travel through pipes […]

MCC To Use Bio Fuels