This Mother’s Day share your love with Makindu

71f50e7e-92f5-422d-a148-47026f52be7aThis Mother’s Day, please consider giving your mother the gift of HOPE. Instead of a material knick-knack or bouquet of flowers for the mother who needs no gifts, you can give a gift of HOPE to an orphaned child in honor of your mother. By donating in your mother’s honor, you can provide food, education, healthcare, emotional support, HOPE and JOY to an orphaned child at Makindu Children’s Centre. Most of us take for granted the love and care bestowed on us by our mothers. Let us all reach out to the orphaned children of the world and give them the priceless gift of HOPE and JOY. Every mother wants her own children to feel loved, to have HOPE and JOY. Would your mother want to give HOPE and JOY to orphaned children as well? If so, please consider sending a donation honoring your mother. Makindu Children’s Program will then send a lovely card to your mother indicating that you have given a donation in her name. We will also send a card to an orphaned child served at Makindu Children’s Centre letting him or her know that your mother cares. For the price of a bouquet of flowers, you can feed, educate and care for a child for a whole month.

Together we can give these innocent, vulnerable children HOPE for the future and JOY today.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mothers,
Asante sana!

Diana Richardson, Executive Director

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