A Valentine’s Day Message



“I can promise that these children will know love. They will know that people care. In doing so, we can give them a most precious and sustaining gift…because they will know HOPE.” -Makindu Children’s Centre Co-Founder Winnie Barron


Dear Friends of Makindu Children’s Center,


This year the Makindu Children’s Center is serving over 1,600 orphans of HIV/AIDs and other vulnerable children by providing them with nutritious meals, access to health care, access to education, advocacy, shelter and most importantly—love and hope.


We cannot let Valentine’s Day go by—a day marked by the sharing of hearts – without thanking you for the gifts to the children from your heart. The love and hope and basic services these orphaned and destitute children receive through MCC and your support are making a HUGE difference in their lives. Mwendwa, Rajab, Ba-
raka, Junior and all say “ASANTE!”


Your generous donations made possible our latest cause to celebrate. About a month ago the drilling of a borehole well at the Center was successfully completed—the water truly gushed! The children will have ready access to clean, potable water and the Center now has no worries for cooking, cleaning and water for the cows. Next up is the expansion of Winnie’s Academy—work is in progress to build another classroom for pre-primary education as the waiting list for enrollment continues to grow. Kids in Kenya must take an entry competency exam before enrolling in first grade and in 2013 the Winnie Academy scored #1 for all preschools in Makindu! The shamba (farm) is doing very well with crops thriving and cows producingnutritious milk for the children. Excess milk is sold to the community and the cows’ manure provides bio-fuel for cooking.
As the AIDS pandemic continues to create orphans in Kenya every day, please know that your generosity is truly saving lives. Thank you for sharing your heart with these very special children. Please consider a Valentine gift to continue the love and hope. A heartfelt thank you for your upendo na tumaini (love and hope) for the Makindu children!


Asante Sana! (Thank you very much!)


Diana Richardson
Executive Director


P.S. Co-Founder and Board Member Winnie Barron is on her semi-annual visit to Makindu as you read this. She is visiting families and doing medical check-ups for the children. Be looking for her report on the good things happening there in the next newsletter.

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