Makindu’s Borehole Success

The Makindu borehole drilling project finally hit water! It was a joyous moment when the water came gushing out, producing a stronger flow than we ever could have dreamed. The Makindu Children’s Centre is already using this precious resource to provide essential educational, nutritional, and medical services for over 1,200 children. With the savings that the borehole bring to the Centre, and as it becomes a public utility, MCC will be able to invest even more in programs that ensure the livelihood of the children.


Will you please donate again to guarantee the continued success of this project? We are only $3,240 away from reaching our goal. If we are able to raise these funds to build solar-powered technology for the borehole, the MCC will have an even greater ability to serve the children and the community of Makindu.


This would not have been possible without your support. Asante sana (thank you) for your contribution from the bottom of our hearts!


To view the bounteous water fountaining out of the newly drilled borehole, check out this video:



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