December Borehole Update

This borehole project for Makindu has been a lesson in patience thus far… something our Kenyan friends understand all too well! After ongoing mechanical failures and recurrent unforeseen complications delaying the initiation of the MCC borehole, we decided that it was time to switch to another drilling company, and start afresh. Each month the work was postponed only cost the center more in monthly water expenses, which is precisely why the borehole concept arose: to avoid diverting money from other essential services to pay for consistently escalating municipal water fees. Water remains a vital and essential need, but to cut back on education, health or nutrition benefits is not an acceptable alternative for the desperately needy children that MCC serves.


We have now signed a contract with a new drilling company, who was on site in Makindu last week, affirming their commitment, and ensuring that they can begin the drilling in the next few weeks. The water will be fundamental to maintain routine functioning of the center: utilized for daily feedings for the children, bathing, washing clothes, and providing water for the farm and latrines. Another undeniable benefit of this potable water will be prevention of the soil-borne illnesses and dysentery so common to this region. Children (particularly those with immune compromising illnesses and malnutrition) can easily succumb with what we would consider only an annoying 24-hour gastroenteritis.


I will be traveling back to Kenya in late January for a routine field visit of our project, and look forward to seeing a completed borehole by then, with flowing, potable water for the children, center and compound. (Photos to come!)


Your gift of providing lifesaving water, and the ongoing support your donations provide to the children of Makindu is greatly appreciated.


Watoto ni baadaye”: the children are the future!


Asante sana!

Winnie Barron

Co-Founder, Makindu Children’s Centre

Exploring the river after bathing (Nicole DeVito)

Abdullah washing his hands in the water spigot (Winnie Barron)





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