September Borehole Update

Three MCC Children in a Tub


Although we had hoped to announce by now that the borehole drilling at the Makindu Children’s Centre had commenced, the drilling company unfortunately experienced some unforeseen mechanical problems with their drill.  This necessitated the shipping of multiple replacement parts from the U.S., causing over a month of delay. As of now, they have successfully repaired the drilling machine. They are currently completing the borehole that they were starting when the drill broke down, and MCC is next on their list of projects.


We have received confirmation from them that if they are not able to get their drill to the MCC within the next few weeks, they will either borrow another drill to get our job started, or allow us to pass on the job to another company to get this project done.


Life can move frustratingly slowly in Africa, so we are very familiar with such delays. Over the years, I have often heard the Swahili phrase encouraging us to be patient, which translates to, “Slowly, slowly, the world still turns!


But we are also confident that soon we will have flowing, clean and potable water at the Centre, which will then be utilized in the kitchen, in bathrooms, in washrooms for the kids, as well as in the Centre shamba (farm).


Once we have the borehole completed, we plan to push on with our funding campaign to power both the borehole and the entire centre with solar power. Solar power will save even more money, which can then be used to augment our other essential services for the children. Your ongoing contributions to this vital project are much appreciated, and we will be sure to keep you up to date with our progress.


Asante sana (thank you very much)!


Playing at the Water Spigot

Playing at the Water Spigot

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