Proper Walk 2012

 All the Proper Walkers have returned to the States safe and sound, although perhaps a bit more tired and with a few new aches and pains.  The Proper Walk means to walk many miles over many days with an uncertain outcome.  This Walk definitely met that definition.  Each Walk is unique in the land they see, the wildlife they encounter, the pastoralist tribes they engage, and the group itself that makes up the Proper Walk caravan, but one thing remains the same – it is a life changing adventure for a cause.

At the Kamba welcoming ceremony at the Makindu Children’s Centre the Walkers saw first-hand how the sacrifices they made to take part in the Walk, and what the donations made to MCP on their behalf, accomplish – it forever changes what the adventure part of the Walk means.

The Walkers have collectively raised over $110,000 so far.  We commend these intrepid Walkers for their accomplishments on the Walk and for their great fund raising efforts to help the vulnerable children of Makindu.

To donate, click on the DONATE NOW button below and be sure to indicate the Proper Walk and the specific Walker you are donating to.  More information on the Proper Walk may be found at www.properwalk.com


January 2012

2012 is going to be a big year for the Makindu Children’s Program.  Being an even year, it means MCP Board Member Michael Farley is staging another Proper Walk, our biggest fundraiser.  The Proper Walk promises to be another challenging “adventure for a cause” in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District.  The 2012 Walk begins at Mugie Ranch where the 2008 Walk ended and it ends at Lake Turkana where the 2002 Walk ended.  The beginning and the end are the only similarities as the guides from Ol Maisor have mapped out a new route for the intrepid Proper Walk explorers.  More information on the Proper Walk and the 2012 route may be found at www.properwalk.com

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