MCC To Use Bio Fuels

Bio Fuel at the Makindu Children’s Center

A new bio fuel system is being built at the Makindu Children’s Center. A mixture of cow dung and urine (ammonia) is shoveled into a large, underground brick lined processor, where gases move into a holding tank.  The gases then travel through pipes to the kitchen where they fuel the oven flame for cooking. This means a reduction in local deforestation, reduced smoke in the kitchen and less work for the cook, Ntambi (Monica), who will be getting acquainted with the new system.

Overflow waste is rich in nitrogen and will be used to fertilize the farm, which currently grows mango and banana trees and soon will grow produce and grasses to feed the chicken and cows.

Food production and income generation are crucial in Kenya; where hyper inflation is causing food shortages, especially maze (corn meal). Food prices reportedly jumped 50% between April  and June 2011.

The bio-fuel system came about when the Program Manager, Michael Omondi, approached the Kenya National Domestic Bio-Gas program, which is sponsored by The Netherlands and a matching grant was provided by a private U.S. based donor.

The MCC kitchen has served as many as 500 meals a week.


cow dung


Construction processor
Making bricks to line the processor



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