Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 9

Day nine:

            We picked up the pace a bit today, to try and cover extra mileage; again with lots of ups and downs; the highest elevation reached today was 4,300 feet.  In the early afternoon, the skies opened and we were all quickly drenched—and were soon walking (more often slipping and skating) along through the mud. 

            Tonight Pokot dancers came into our camp and gave us quite the show.  The camel guys all joined in, and we had a great dancing and celebratory crowd.  The timing was perfect, as soon after all most of the visitors and entertainers left, the rains returned throughout the night.  This has surely been the wettest of our walks thus far:  from almost daily rainfall to water crossings, and slopping along in mud.  Such a sharp contrast from our 1st Proper Walk in 2002, when we were begging for moisture of any sort, with no rain, dried up water holes, unrelenting heat, and very sparse shade.

            Mwizi (the male dog) has quickly become quite friendly, and is now very affectionate and playful… still the thief, but we have become quite fond of both Mwizi and Safari.

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