Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 7

Day seven:

            Followed a road most of the day—21 miles to camp, and we are really beat.  There were occasional vehicles along the road, all jam-packed with passengers; a motorbike (called a “piki piki”) passed us by with four people all piled onto one bike!  Another motorbike was driving pretty fast and crazily, and screamed past Michael so closely that part of the passenger’s gear whacked him hard on his thigh.

            We remain totally incredulous of Amanda:  she walks further than we do each day, and manages the tough terrain most of the way in flip flop sandals; she is constantly doubling back to check on both walkers and camels, and in exploration of new trails and campsites.  She also gets up earlier each day to prepare our food and pack the gear, and goes to bed long after we do, after cleaning up and caring for the camels, etc. 

            She is truly “Amazing Amanda”, as Michael calls her, and so like her father Jasper.  Soft-spoken and quiet, but tough as nails, and with a great wit and humor. Watching her stroll along so casually (and beating our pace by a long shot as she glides easily by) is remarkable, particularly as we are non-so gracefully trudging and stumbling on!

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