Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 6

Day six:

            Walking towards the Kerio River, with more challenging footing, and crossing after crossing through the water.  After first trying to carefully step from rock to rock to avoid getting wet, we eventually just gave in and trudged along with soaked socks and shoes.  With the unsteady footing on the rocks, the wet shoes, socks and mud, at 15 miles we were happy to reach the river at last.  There were incredibly aromatic gardenia bushes along the way with both yellow and white blossoms intermixed, which were lovely.

              Amanda found the perfect campsite as always, nestled underneath magnificent tamarind and fig trees.  We were warned to be watchful for both crocs in the river that night, and scorpions in the camp… but encountered neither (not to say they weren’t there, but we didn’t see any!).

            Josh played his African drum for us that night as well as for the camel crew; they all joined in singing and dancing, and we were all pretty enthralled.

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