Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 5

Day five:

            Tough day: when we were ready to call it quits for the day by mid afternoon, there was no suitable camping spot to be found, but only continuous rocks and steep footing.  We had to keep moving on and on to find an appropriate spot for both ourselves and the camels to settle.  By day’s end, we had completed 20 miles…77 miles thus far along our journey. 

            Dave C. began to recite the “seven plagues”; we had already encountered way too much rain and mud with subsequent wet campsites and gear, relentless inclines on rocky footing, hot/hot/hot temperatures, and even some vomiting and diarrhea… four down, and three to go.  We wonder what will present itself next…

            More visitors to our campsite tonight, curious about us all, who also seemed intrigued with the loads that the camels were carrying.  Amanda mentioned that on a recent camel safari, they had encountered some locals who seemed confused and perplexed by these camel loads.  They asked Amanda and John why the camels carried so much.  When they were told that they were carrying all of the walkers’ gear, they responded with, “well, then what do you have your women for?”!!

Michael calls camels the “ultimate all terrain vehicle”—a pretty accurate description!

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