Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 3

Day three:

            The countryside is remarkably beautiful:  green and lush, with incredible vistas and bird songs resounding.  The air is crisp despite the heat, and all of the sounds somehow seem to resonate.  The inclines have been challenging; steep ups and downs, with loose rocks and scree underfoot.  The footing is very unstable, and doing this for hours is exhausting, and the heat stifling at times.

            Lots of walking in and along ‘luggas’ (river beds) today; upon one crossing, we spotted a baby monitor lizard.  He was lying absolutely still, but following our every movement closely with his eyes.

            A local Pokot chief met us along the trail and later stopped by our campsite and visited for many hours.  He was quite an eloquent spokesman, and spoke of the challenges his tribe faced, and the paucity of services available to his people.  He wanted to know more about us, and when we went around the circle for introductions, Dave Corrigan introduced himself as a lawyer.  The chief responded with a knowing smile and said, “ah… so you are one who diverts the truth”!

(Dave probably got tired of us referring back to that along the trip, although we quite enjoyed it…)

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