Yearly Archives: 2010

Day ten:             Everyone seems pretty upbeat today in the morning; we know this is our last day.  However, ready as we are to be finished walking, there is some sense of reluctance… not wanting to be done experiencing this journey.              We have a long and winding trail up […]

Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 10

Day nine:             We picked up the pace a bit today, to try and cover extra mileage; again with lots of ups and downs; the highest elevation reached today was 4,300 feet.  In the early afternoon, the skies opened and we were all quickly drenched—and were soon walking (more often […]

Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 9

Day eight:             The vistas are amazingly gorgeous—a series of velvety rolls of lush, green foothills.  The landscape is classically Kenyan, with acacias silhouetted against the expansive and beckoning African skies.  Acacias, beautiful as they are, have a much less romantic side:  their thorns are painfully sharp, tough, long, and […]

Winnie Barron’s Journal Day 8