Makindu updates

We want to assure all supporters of the Makindu Children’s Center that the children and staff are safe and that as of Jan 3rd the social unrest has not reached Makindu. Feel free to periodically check the web site for an update

The center continues to provide support for nutrition, medical care and educational opportunities for 315 children with the expectation of serving 400 children by the end of 2008. Geographic expansion has been realized through an MCC outreach program which has seen the setting up of satellite MCC operations through existing community based committees.

Staff in Makindu report that 2007 was slightly better in terms of the food situation the first quarter of 2007 due to a good harvest season.

In August 2007 three MCP board members visited MCC. The visit by Michael Farley was on the 29th July2007 while Catherine Delong and Winnie Barron arrived in the Centre on the 3rd August 2007.

Also during 2007 MCC staff base grew by one staff in the person of Maureen Musyoki who joined the organization as a social worker. This increased the number of social workers to 2. In total MCC operates with a staff base of 11 people.

During 2008 we anticipate a visit to Makindu by myself, the new stateside MCP Director, Lou Enge, along with Board member Steve Randolph. Winnie hopes to travel to Makindu this Spring and Michael Farley will be leading another Rift Valley walk in August of 08. We will also be hosting our 3rd annual Auction in Eugene, Oregon in October.

We’ll stay in touch through the newsletter and the web site.