April News


The shamba looked lush and green during the first and second weeks of April. However by the end of the fourth week planted crops were looking fatigued due to lack of rain. MCC intends to move away from planting maize and beans because of the rain factor and also because the cost analysis shows the cost of planting maize and beans and the results that is near zero in the last couple of years far outweighs the investment. The shamba will in the coming months be focused on growing more vegetables and fruits.

Wendo Weavers:

The weaver co-op held a basket market in April. Says MCC Mwangi, “While the basket purchase remains a crucial income source for MCC we have also been trying to use the baskets as the entry point for capacity building for the group.” The Wendo Weavers co-op are diligently training themselves on how to improve their weaving, and how to successfully market and price their baskets, as well improve their own skills at dealing successfully with buyers and retailers.

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